Sep 4, 2013

Should You Kiss on the First Date?

ImageFirst dates can be a very stressful experience, especially if you are going out on a blind date or with someone you met online. The pressure of kissing on a first date always comes up.

First kisses can be great, especially on first dates. We can learn a lot from how the person dates, including how their bedroom style is. However, there are pros and cons about kissing on a first date and depending on the situation, it might not be a good idea.

As mentioned above, kissing on a first date can tell a lot about how your potential partner behaves in the bedroom. For example, we can find out if he or she is slow, rushed, or even sensual. We can gather a great deal of information from them just from a first kiss.

On the other hand, first kissing on the first date can also lead you right into the bedroom that same night giving you a better look at what to expect from him or her in bed. This is actually a bad idea if it is serious relationship that you are looking for and you might regret jumping into bed too early in the morning.

If you are a man, kissing on the first date will tell you how loose a woman is. You can see how far she will go and as stated above, if it is a relationship you are looking for, you should be strong enough to stop it before it gets to bed.

You can also find out how self absorbed she is and she can find out how selfish you are. Is he trying to take things over the line that you just drew?

Besides all of the potential bedroom dangers that can come from kissing on a first date, what about the STDs or where that mouth has been? This might sound foolish but you don’t know anything about this person or their past. Herpes might be waiting for you right on their lips.

Danger aside, your nervous feelings will come out. You could be the most skilled kisser in the world, but if it doesn’t feel like the right moment to kiss, then don’t do it. If the date went wrong, you don’t have to kiss her.

If it was going well and there is a beautiful moment where you are staring into each other’s eyes at his or her doorstep, then relax and kiss. You don’t want to enter a first kiss feeling nervous as this will definitely show in the kiss.

But if you have found the right moment, first kisses can be very exciting. It is a remarkable experience and an amazing way to end a first date with great memories to follow in the future and can also set a great foundation for a potential relationship.