Mar 1, 2013

Stretching Exercise


Stretching Exercise

Golf Stretching Exercise

The new golf season is approaching.
Get yourself in shape with
these exercises !!!

1. The waist muscles demand initial pulling... especially important on 1st tee.
2.Keep your back straight for optimal performance..shaft stiffness will come into play.
3. This is such a vital exercise and will pay dividends when reading tricky putts.
4. Another view revealing an angular look at that pesky downhill lie...
or lay...whatever
5. Same view without telephoto lens to preview how to measure a putt to the hole...
so to speak.
6. This is text book positioning in the bunker...
notice the player's hole in relation to the hole.
7. Player shows what not to do when 'patting' the area around the hole.
8. As you can see, this is a real crowd-pleaser when viewed from the 18th tee box.
9. The player shows the latest in technology for shaping the shot
from either of her tees.

10. This is an excellent visual on ball retrieval when lost in the bush.
11. Notice the excited look on the player once she locates her ball!
We hope these 11 exercises help improve your game
and bring you hours of satisfaction!