Oct 15, 2012

What Men Find Sexy About Women

We rounded up a group of guys to find out exactly what makes a woman sexy. Here are their candid thoughts!

1. She's Playful
Women who take themselves too seriously are seriously not sexy. There's something about a woman who is comfortable enough to be playful, flirty, and not worry that she is risking her reputation. Please don't confuse playful with silly. Silly women who are clowning for attention are vexing. In fact, one man suggested that playfulness is a great sign of maturity—a woman who loves life and isn't ashamed to show it.

2. She's Beautiful
We had a solid discussion about what this means, and the standards were all over the map. Most every man agreed that a beautiful woman a) dresses in a way that flatters her figure, b) puts effort into grooming, and c) cares how men perceive her, even if the end result is very laid-back and simple. There were few absolutes, except to say that a woman who thinks that going through the effort to look nice is somehow beneath her probably won't be sexy to our test group.

3.She's a Grown-Up About Things Related to Sex
Some men were comfortable with sex only after marriage. Some men were comfortable with it much earlier in the relationship. But all of the men wanted a woman who is comfortable talking maturely about sex when the time is right.

4. She Likes and Understands Men
You might say, "Don't all women who are dating like men?" Not according to this group. Women who know how men function and love them for it are very sexy. There's something about giving a man the rope he needs to pursue his passions that makes a woman irresistible.

5. She's Affectionate
It is hard to overestimate the impact of a physical connection to most men. A woman who understands this and gives affection freely is very sexy.

6. She Knows How to Say "Thank You"
Whatever your personal policies, early dating for most men is a time when they are spending money and making plans to arrange a nice evening. Our men greatly valued a woman who was able to say, "That dinner was fantastic," and appreciated the work that went into planning the evening. A woman who has a spirit of gratitude signals to a man, "You can make me happy," which is a primal component to attraction.