Oct 25, 2012

Still hanging on to memories of past love?

If you ever feel like you're the star of your own romantic comedy without the happy ending, you could be more of a Sitcom star - that's a singleton in their twenties or thirties, clinging on to memories.

Sitcoms are people who can't seem to find the right partner because they are hung up on their previous loves.

The sitcom tag is particularly appropriate because their love lives resemble a situation comedy, as they drift in and out of relationships without letting go of the past.

If this applies to you, it seems you are not alone.

A survey of 1,000 people asked men and women members of a dating website the reasons why they haven't found the right partner, the Daily Mail reported.

The most popular answer was that those they meet online do not match up to a previous lover.

Some 41 per cent of women and 39 per cent of men polled said they still had feelings for an ex-lover and this made it difficult to commit to a new partner.

Twenty-four per cent of women polled explained they were too busy at work to make a commitment, while 29 per cent said they didn't like meeting people in pubs and clubs.

For almost a third of men and women finding new love was difficult because they did not have enough friends to help them mix with new people.