Oct 29, 2012

Clothes don’t matter, attitude does!

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Men hit more on women who are dressed down, claims a recent report. But for men in the city, attitude is the deciding factor.

If a recent news report is to be believed, men tend to find women in casual or run-down clothes more approachable than the glam divas. But in Mumbai, it's a different story. While men in the city appreciate girls who are well-dressed, they say approachability depends more on a girl's attitude than her clothes. Here are some of the major factors that make girls approachable or otherwise for men.

Look me in the eye

Guys say a girl who isn't willing to make eye contact won't get much attention. Rahul Shah, a banker, explains, "Whether it's a mall or a party, if a girl isn't willing to look you in the eye, it means she isn't interested. And no matter where you approach such a girl, she's most likely to snub you. I would think twice about approaching a girl who has been frowning for a long time or seems lost in her thoughts."

Body talk

Body language also tells a man whether a girl is approachable or not. "If a girl is standing with her hands folded, her face turned away from the crowd, I would think twice about going to her. I'd rather choose a girl who's laughing out loud with her buddies. On a subconscious level, body language does convey a message and we take it into account while talking to a girl."

Looks do matter

Glam divas may be high maintenance, but men are most likely to be attracted to them. Paresh Nair, a management student, says, "No one goes to a party looking for a girl wearing sports shoes. Clothes do matter, but they aren't the sole deciding factor. Most guys won't hit on a girl who comes to a party in her pyjamas. At the same time, it doesn't help if a girl is overdressed at a bowling alley. I am sure women feel the same way about men, too."

Casual, not shabby

Most men say girls who dress shabbily don't impress them. "There's a very thin line between being casual and shabby. The out-of-the-bed look is different from actually just waking up and getting out of your house. It's good to be around a girl who doesn't stare into the mirror all the time, but every guy wants a girl who takes care of her appearance and is presentable," says fashion design student Jai Aggarwal. 

By Harshada Rege, TNN