Oct 31, 2012

5 Nonsexual Things that Turn Women On

Not going to lie. I haven’t been feeling it lately. More down-to-sleep (DTS) than down-to-sleep-with-you (DTF). It happens. While you just need to see your girlfriend’s lips or body or muscles to get turned on*, a woman’s needs to see her boyfriend’s other qualities. Other than his unit, I mean.

Here’s the truth: Your unit isn’t attractive. At all. Nor does it draw us to you in any way. If it did, you could just toss on the table during appetizers on the first date, and we’d go home with you.**

So what are some of those other qualities that turn a woman on? I can’t speak for all women, but here are five that do it for me—and, according to my friends, for them too.

Your Handwriting
Handwritten notes are so rare these days, which only makes them more of a turn on. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a pen, pencil, or crayon—we love it! Not only is it awesome to see effort beyond the four-word text, but a handwritten note is literally something we’ll treasure. Also, I think it is very sexy to see words such as beautiful in your chicken scratch. Something about sensitive words in rough manly handwriting makes me swoon.

Your Clean Smell
Emphasis on clean. I’m not into the sweaty man scent, but I’m all about the right-out-of-the-shower smell. Yum. A little Irish Spring and I’m yours. Just don’t go overboard. With most soaps and body washes—from Axe to Gillette—a little goes a long way. Don’t show up at my door smelling like you have pine cone hanging around your neck.

You Saying My Name
Get your mind out of gutter! I mean when you say my name out of the blue***. When you’re with someone all the time, you rarely call them by name—or you use a nickname. There’s something very sexy about hearing you say my name. Just throw it in there once in awhile to show you still remember it—and still respect me as an individual.

You Focusing on a Project
I love to see a guy working on a project—from building the fence in my backyard to cleaning the oven or planning a trip. Whatever it is, seeing raw dedication, focus, and ownership never gets old.

Your Blushing
So okay, I am way funnier than most of you, I realize that****. I love when I can zing ya with a great comeback and you know it was hilarious. But you don’t want to back down, so you blush with a tad bit of embarrassment. Or if I say something totally unexpected, and it makes you happy, you have a certain smirk. It is fantastic to see that vulnerability every once in awhile.