Oct 29, 2012

10 Unlikely Places to Pull a Woman

While most of us reckon that meeting a woman is most likely to happen at a nightclub or bar, there can be many more opportunities if you use a little imagination and cast your net a little wider.

A chance encounter can often happen in the most unusual of locations and simply being in the right place at the right time can mean you might meet a new clutch, no matter how random the surroundings...

Airport terminal

For example, consider the airport terminal, an often hellish place full of despondent faces and despairing travellers. Queues are guaranteed and so this is often the place where you can have a meeting of minds with a beautiful stranger.

Even if she's not that beautiful, there's no doubt that a good sex with a lovely lady in the departure lounge will mean that delayed low-budget airline flight is just that little bit easier to stomach.

Dog or cat rescue centre

Women get really soppy when they're in the company of helpless puppies or doe-eyed kittens so get yourself along to the local animal rescue centre pronto to see what's on offer.

Sure, the stench of puppy poo will be unbearable and your eyes will weep with the acrid odour of small furry animal wee but just imagine the hugging potential that'll come out of all this emotion-charged tiny creature shenanigans.

There's bound to be at least one you'll find irresistible and, you never know, you might just get a pet into the bargain!

Parachute jumping

Love is in the air? Well, it might just be as you tumble out of a light aircraft somewhere over Kent. So, is it really possible to hit it off with a woman as you're plunging towards terra firma at a terrifying rate? Actually yes, although conversation topics will be limited and based mainly around whether or not your 'chute has opened.

Don't expect much in the looks department with this pick-up method either as a high-speed descent is notorious for distorting the features of even the most delicious of high-flying heartbreakers.


It used to be something that few blokes would own up to, but online dating has become an acceptable and essential part of the meeting women process nowadays.

No longer do you have to sniff whenever one of your workmates blathers on about how he's pulled this amazing Finnish girl over the electronic marketplace that is the internet. Simply log-on, click and select and you'll soon be matching his Finn with some female fun of your own.


Diving is a great sport with plenty to challenge all skill levels and degrees of fitness. More to the point, it can be a great place to hook up with the opposite sex in a magical setting, although you'll need to splash the cash to get there first.

This is a chance to combine exotic locations with even more exotic women, although be wary of those who seem overtly keen on carrying your oxygen tanks. Better to sink below the waves with a petite sea soul named Sandy rather than a burly man-eater called Randy, right? Then again...

Motorway services

Tired of life in the fast lane? Well, pull off and wind down over coffee and doughnuts at the services.

While some see the motorway services as the bane of a motorist's life, these off-the-highway haunts can be a haven for picking up ladies who've lost the desire to listen to Billy Connolly on their sat-nav anymore and want to talk to a real man.

However, don't be tempted to take her for a stroll through the 'Snack n Shop' before you head back for the highway as it'll leave a decidedly nasty dent in your debit card.

Sauna, steam room or jacuzzi

Even if you don't get lucky, you'll get healthy and purge your body of all those toxins with an afternoon or evening session doing the rounds in a sauna, steam room or jacuzzi.

The added benefit is that steam can soften the features of even the most chiselled of ladies, so after subjecting yourself to 40 degrees and counting temperatures for longer than is wise, plus a few ice-cold beers, you'll be thinking that you've arrived in heaven.

Failing that, you'll walk away a few pounds lighter, so it's a win-win situation either way.

Queue for the toilets at a music festival

You'd be surprised who you can bump into while you're up to your ankles in mud at any one of the many music festivals that run throughout the year.

Sure, these aren't exactly salubrious surroundings we're dealing with here, but a few well-chosen words and the offer of your last remaining toilet roll may be enough to get her to come back and inspect your inflatable mattress for its unrivalled bouncability levels.

Maternity ward

Not as creepy as you might be thinking, the maternity ward is invariably a place of happiness and calm, although timing is critical. Turn up at an inopportune moment and you'll be faced with lots of screaming and hysterical men running around. And that's just the cleaning staff.

But turn up at the maternity ward to see the cuddly offspring of a relative or friend and you may well be rewarded with a chance encounter with one of the family friends. And chances are she's gorgeous. The baby doesn't look bad either.

Artificial ski slope

The humble ski slope can be found in numerous locations up and down the country and, if nothing else, they're a great laugh and ideal for relieving work-related stress.

However, get yourself down to one of these faux-piste fantasy lands and you'll also bundle headlong into countless beauties attempting to get their moves up to scratch prior to a white-wine spritzer-fuelled weekend break in Chamonix.

Then again, they may be attempting to add a splash of excitement to an otherwise humdrum afternoon of shopping in the local Arndale Centre. No matter, get your ski's on and show 'em who's the daddy!

By Rob Clymo via: MSN Him