Jan 8, 2010

Friday's Smiles

There was a really cute princess walking through the woods, and she heard a voice calling, "Hey really cute Princess!"
She looked around and didn't see anyone but a frog. She started to walk on but the frog called again. "Hey Really Cute Princess, if you take me home and let me sleep on your pillow, I will turn back into a Handsome Prince!"
It had been a very boring day so she decided to give it a try even though she really didn't believe the frog.  The Really Cute Princess took the frog home with her and let him sleep on her pillow.
When she got up the next day what do you think she found? There on her pillow sat a really handsome Prince.
Do you believe the story?
Neither did her mother...

If you're gonna do something tonight that you'll regret tomorrow morning, sleep late.

For over 40 years, my grandfather put in long hours at his job, so I was more than a little curious about the way he filled his days since his retirement.
"How has life changed?" I asked
Being a man of few words, he replied, "Well I get up in the morning with nothing to do, and I go to bed at night with it half done.”

Now That's A Fishing Boat:

An old man was setting on his porch, when a young man walked up with a pad and pencil in his hand.
"What are you selling, young man," he asked.
"I'm not selling anything, Sir," the young man replied. "I'm a Census Taker."
"A what?" the man asked.
"A Census Taker. We are trying to find out how many people are in the United States."
"Well," the man answered, "you're wasting your time with me. I have no idea.”

The widow lay crying on her psychiatrist's couch. "We were married twenty-five years before he died," she said, dabbing away a tear. "Never had an argument in all those years.”
"Amazing," said the doctor. "How did you do it?"
"I outweighed him by forty pounds and he was a coward.”

What don’t you understand?